Presidents Peña, Trudeau discuss NAFTA on phone call

Both leaders agree to pool their efforts to promote economic integration in the North American region

Photo: Archive / Reuters
English 22/01/2017 19:40 Carina García Mexico - Canada Actualizada 15:37
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Mexico and Canada governments agreed to pool efforts to promote economic integration in the North American region, in a phone call held between president Peña Nieto and Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, earlier today, days before the Mexican leader meets U.S. president in Washington next January 31.

The Mexican presidency informed that president Peña Nieto emphasized the importance of Mexico-Canada relations to consolidate North America as and “area of free trade and of free flow for investment”.

Bilateral trade between Mexico and Canada exceeded US$20,000 million in 2015, additionally, over 1.75 million Canadian tourists visited Mexico, while 200,000 Mexican tourists visited Canada last year.


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