Human Rights Commission condemns governor's offensive remarks

“Sleep with your clothes on, you have too many kids” said governor of Hidalgo Omar Fayad to a crowd of indigenous people.

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Mexico's National Commission of Human Rights has called out the governor of the state of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, for making offensive remarks against indigenous communities.

During an event in the town of Acaxochitlán where government officials handed out free stoves to low-income families, the governor told spectators that indigenous woman need to sleep with their clothes on because “they have too many kids.”

The Commission's national ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez, urged the governor to not put the rights of indigenous peoples at risk with those types of comments.

“Sleep with your clothes on. Women with the least resources have three kids, that's why we run out of stoves to hand out. I already told you people to sleep with your clothes on. You have too many kids,” said the governor to the crowd of people.

In response, the Commission released the following statement:

“This Autonomous Public Organization is urging the governor to respect the human rights of people in general and, most importantly, the indigenous community, while carrying out activities as a public servant, and to refrain from making statements that put at risk people's right to sexual and reproductive health, as well as their dignity. Everyone is constitutionally entitled to and protected by law to reproduce and have the number of kids that they desire.”

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