Salma Hayek and Paulina Rubio urge Latinos to “make history”

Mexican ladies of showbiz backed Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, in social media

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Mexican actress, producer and businesswoman, Salma Hayek, showed her support to Democrat nominee for the U.S. presidency, Hillary Clinton, through a photograph posted in her Instagram account, where she poses wearing a black shirt that reads “Hillary for President”.

This is not the first time Hayek shows her support for Hillary Clinton, in this occasion, she urged the Latino community to vote in the upcoming presidential elections with the message: “Let’s make history together...”

Similarly, several Mexican personalities from the showbiz community have also displayed their support for the Democrat nominee in repeated videos and messages in social media.

In a recent display of support for Clinton, Mexican singer Paulina Rubio posted a video in her Instagram account where she invited the Latino community to “stick together” and remind it of the “power” Latino’s hold with their capacity to cast their votes next November 8.

Rubio concludes her video clip with the message: “I’m with Hillary Clinton, what about you?”


Yo estoy con ella porque juntos se puede. voyavotar2016.com #ImWithHer #HillaryForPresident #LatinosForHillary #HillaryClinton

Un vídeo publicado por Paulina Rubio (@paurubio) el

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