“Guns kill people”: Ochoa Reza in Mexico City

Head of ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI, opposes arming citizens with guns

Photo: Archive / EL UNIVERSAL
English 30/10/2016 12:42 Alberto Morales Mexico City Actualizada 12:42

The national head of the ruling Institutional Political Party, PRI, Enrique Ochoa Reza, spoke out against the proposal of senator of the National Action Party, PAN, Jorge Luis Preciado, of “legalizing the arming of citizens due to the insecurity faced in the country”.

Ocho Reza emphasized that he believes “guns kill people and the rhetoric that promotes arming citizens goes against all logic and most importantly against the issues we are trying to solve […] this is why, I believe, we should ensure an adequate gun control and put an end to illegal gun trafficking; authorities should be the only ones carrying and using guns in compliance with a set human rights protocol”.

Ochoa Reza made the new social and political PRI’s agenda public and stated that it is strategically based upon five axis: fight against corruption and impunity, clearance of political gender violence, creation of fair and well-paid jobs that will reduce the breach of inequality and poverty, promotion of public policies aimed at strengthening the Rule of Law and to push the development of the country production forward.