Building invaded by presumed criminals demolished in Mexico City

The authorities are bringing down the building in the historical Condesa neighborhood.

There is a tunnel inside the building, used by the criminals to escape. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 08/07/2016 14:08 Mexico City Actualizada 14:08

Workers from the government of Mexico City are beginning the demolition works on a building occupied by members of a leftist organization in the famous Condesa neighborhood, which has been called a hub for crime and drug trafficking.

The head of Civil Protection, Fausto Lugo, confirmed the start of the demolition under his supervision.

The head of the Department of Government of Mexico City, Patricia Mercado, said that the building presents "structural damage" and that it was presented to its legitimate owners yesterday.

A few weeks ago, Héctor de Mauleón, columnist of EL UNIVERSAL, denounced that criminal gangs operated from inside the construction.

Some inhabitants of the building denounced that the authorities would not even allow them to take their belongings from the building before demolishing it.