24 | JUN | 2019
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30 officials sanctioned for the Tlatlaya case

Toluca, Mexico
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They are accused of human rights violations.

The General Inspector for Public Security Institutions of the State of Mexico (Igispem) announced a series of sanctions against 30 officials in relation to the massacre of 22 people presumably in the hands of the Mexican army in the municipality of Tlatlaya, on June 30, 2014.

The secretary of Government of the State of Mexico, José Manzur Quiroga, confirmed the sanctions and said that "there are many firings, seven or eight, and there are some officials who will be suspended. In the 30 cases there is a sanction for each."

The head of Igispem, Isael Montoya, reported yesterday the firing of 10 officers from the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, as well as a month suspension for 19 of them, with another official suspended for half a month.

The authorities are investigating the conduct of 52 officials associated with the investigations on the massacre in a warehouse in the town of San Pedro Limón.

The Igispem forbade two officers from public office for five years, and other two for a period of three. A group of six was fired and forbade from public office for a year.

According to the authorities, the personnel from the Office of the state Attorney General altered the evidence of the massacre in order to keep the military from being implicated.

So far, seven police officers and a prosecutor have been accused of torture, but their trials have not been concluded.

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