Victims of rain in Iztapalapa block important highway

They demand answers after the massive damage caused by last Wednesday rains.

(Photo: Sandra Hernández)
English 04/06/2016 15:46 Sandra Hernández Mexico City Actualizada 15:53

The residents of the Vicente Guerrero neighbourhood of the metropolitan district of Iztapalapa are blocking the important Periférico highway in demand of reparations after the rains from last Wednesday caused massive flooding in the area.

After 12:00 p.m, the neighbours blocked the Periférico, a highway that surrounds the metropolitan area of Mexico City, for more than one hour.

They complain that they had an appointment with the district authorities at 9:00 a.m., but things were not what they expected.

"We understood that they were going to pay us, but they just told us that they would fix an appointment to evaluate the damages to our houses and from then on they would give us the reparations," expressed one of the locals.

According to the authorities, the head of the district of Iztapalapa, Dione Anguiano, arrived at the local Culture Center to meet with the protesters.