Presumed kidnapper killed in Teotihuacán

Another man and a woman are still in the hands of the locals.

The presumed criminals are accused of the kidnapping of a child. (Photo: SPECIAL).
English 24/05/2016 17:18 Teotihuacán, State of Mexico Actualizada 17:18
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State police and the Mexican Army entered the town of Santiago Atlatongo in order to rescue a man and a woman who are held at the central esplanade of the city and subjected to continuous beatings, after they were accused of the kidnapping of a child.

Another man, apparently a 45-year-old, was killed in the central kiosk by the multitude after a severe beating, according to local reports.

The authorities are using riot gear, pepper spray and tear gas to try to disperse the people and rescue the presumed criminals.

The locals blocked the México-Teotihuacán highway in order to keep the authorities from entering the town. They went as far as attacking and rolling over a patrol car.

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