Alleged kidnappers saved from lynching in Veracruz

People reacted when a local businessman was being apparently kidnapped.

(Photo: Patricia Morales/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 01/05/2016 20:01 Edgar Ávila/Veracruz, Veracruz Actualizada 20:08
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Two alleged kidnappers were beaten and just about to be lynched in the south of Veracruz, but they were saved by the police.

According to the authorities, the incident happened in the central supply market of the Minatitlán municipality, an area hit by a wave of abductions.

At least five armed individuals attempted to kidnap a local egg distributor but they were attacked by the locals, who managed to retain two of them.

And the people also turned over their car, a Toyota Corolla with license plates from the State of Mexico.

The two alleged criminals were severely beaten and then the people decided to lynch them. But the police saved them.

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