Campa denies that Tierra Blanca and Papantla cases have been shelved

The head of Human Rights for the Interior Ministry said that the investigations continue.

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English 26/04/2016 19:08 Quadratín Veracruz, Mexico Actualizada 19:08
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The creation of citizen brigades for the search of missing people in Veracruz is not a sign of the discrediting of the state and federal authorities, but a mean to help in their investigations according to the Vice-Minister for Human Rights of the Interior Ministry, Roberto Campa Cifrián.


In a meeting with members of the Solecito collective at the World Trade Center in Boca del Río, he also rejected any notion that the cases of missing youngsters in Tierra Blanca and Papantla have been shelved.


On the first of those cases "we have not stopped working every day and we have the commitment of informing the relatives of the victims (about any advances in the investigation), along the Office of the Attorney General of the state," he said.


On the Papantla case, he said that "we have been talking with the mothers of the missing people and we will meet them in the coming days."

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