Bastón asks Longoria not to talk about him

The American actress said that the Televisa executive is the kindest human being she has ever met.

The couple got engaged in Dubai. (Photo: Archive/El Universal)
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American actress Eva Longoria, who recently announced her engagement to José Bastón, president of content and television at Grupo Televisa, talked about his fiancé on NBC's "Today Monday".

“He's amazing! He's gorgeous and really the kindest human being I've ever met. And he's really private! So, I never talk about him, because he's always like, 'Don't talk about me!'"

About her engagement, Longoria said: "It was such a surprise. It was in Dubai and it was in the desert. We're still absorbing that moment. I'm still applauding him for how beautiful and amazing it was, then we'll talk about the big fat Mexican wedding."

Longoria was on Today to talk about her new sitcom, Telenovela, in which she plays a Spanish soap opera star who doesn't speak Spanish. 

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