"El Chapo" becomes a brand name in Mexico City

Joaquín Guzmán Loera's image and related articles are for sale in the neighbourhood of Tepito.

The "King Chapo" baseball hats hot items in lots of stores. (Foto: Mario Guzmán/EFE)
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"El Chapo" is the king. At least, he is the king of sales in Tepito, the legendary commerce area of Mexico City, where the baseball caps with the legend "King Chapo" are a hot item.

According to the sellers, the image and name of Joaquín Guzmán Loera always attract business.

The sales are particularly good after his multiple escapes from jail, like on July 11, when he used a mile-long tunnel to escape from the "El Altiplano" maximum security prison, curiously, the same one that's holding him now.

Also, whenever he is caught, the merchandise sales soar.

The face of "El Chapo" is on exhibition next to other iconic images of violence, like Brad Pitt in "The Fight Club" or Al Pacino in "Scarface".

Even one of the products on exhibition is patterned after the US dollar, with the image of "El Chapo" substituting the stern face of George Washington.

Instead of "In God we trust," the legend underneath says "Who do I trust?". The response comes below in bold characters: "El Chapo".

All the products retail for some 130 pesos (US$7) and sometimes people can get lucky and find them for around US$3.

One of the most popular products are the black caps emblazoned with the image of a moustache and the legend "El Chapo," retailing for some US$3. As of late, due to the scandal surrounding her, a companion piece has been dedicated to actress Kate del Castillo.

The black cap with the name "Kate" and heels instead of a moustache has also become very popular.

But if there's a model that sometimes gets sold out is the one that proclaims Guzmán Loera as "Drug God El Chapo".

And while the sales continue, the controversy surrounding the two still permeates every aspect of the Mexican social life.

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