Associate of former governor of Sonora in prison for drug crimes

Luis Arístiga López Moreno was arrested with more than US$205,700.
In the picture, former governor Guillermo Padrés. (Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
Amalia Escobar/Hermosillo, Sonora
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Luis Arístiga López Moreno, an employee of the former governor of Sonora, Guillermo Padrés, and who was arrested with more than US$205,700 hidden in his vehicle, was also found in possession of drugs and will face charges.

The Attorney General of Sonora, Rodolfo Montes de Oca Mena, reported the situation in a meeting with the Association of Female Journalists of Sonora.

He added that in searches conducted in a residence, a wine cellar and an office, the authorities found more than 30 boxes of documents related to the business operations of the former governor and his brother Miguel.

López Moreno, who identified himself as a veterinary doctor, reportedly was an employee and business manager for the Padrés brothers.

Even while with the arrest of López Moreno all the people involved in Padrés' Pozo Nuevo ranch are being investigated, the authorities have not called the former governor to declare on the case.

But, he will be eventually called to do so, they have expressed.

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