23 | OCT | 2019
The teachers do not consider that the situation in the area guarantees their security. (Photo: SPECIAL)

Violence brings early vacation to kids in Acapulco

Vania Pigeonutt, Chilpancingo, Guerrero
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At least 80 schools are getting early vacation due to violence threats.

Due to the rampant crime and violence in the periphery of Acapulco, a total of 80 schools in the area decided to have early Christmas vacation and give children a break.

In response, the Department of Education of Guerrero warned the teachers to return to class or otherwise face sanctions.

The head of educational services in the area of Acapulco-Coyuca Benítez, Alfredo Miranda Vergara, said that the schools could be sanctioned if they suspend classes in the neighborhoods of Postal, Ciudad Renacimiento, Emiliano Zapata, Simón Bolívar, El Coloso and others in the area.

Officially, the holiday period begins on December 22.

The problem is that the teachers consider that there are no conditions to continue their work and guarantee the security of the kids, despite the combined efforts of the federal and state forces to bring security to the area.

"Currently, there are 80 schools that went on vacation, but now there is an order from the Minister of Education (José Luis González de la Vega) ... indicating that if there is no justified cause for not complying with the school calendar there will be sanctions," expressed Miranda Vergara, on the phone.

While he fully comprehends the climate of insecurity in the state, he expressed that the situation is not exclusive to teachers and students.

"The order is to return to classes. There are cases of schools that have suspended them, but with the protection from the Army, the Federal Police, and gendarmerie, in consequence, we call the teachers to reconsider in a respectful manner," he added.

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