'Tigres del Norte' become a voice for Latinos in the U.S.

The band warned against the increase of racism due to Donald Trump's speeches.

(Photo: Agustín Salinas/Agencia EL UNIVERSAL)
English 01/12/2015 19:13 Cristina Pineda Mexico City Actualizada 19:13
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Mexican band "Los Tigres del Norte" have become a sort of voice for the Latino and immigrant community in the United States, thanks to their music.

“We were new in that country and we proudly keep those memories and heart of being undocumented and be part of them," expressed Jorge Hernández to the media.

For the band members, it is pretty clear that GOP's presidential hopeful Donald Trup has stirred ill feelings toward the Mexicans, and if this tendency continues the band expects the Mexican government to do something about it.

"We consider him to be somebody that should not be taken seriously and hopefully he will not become the president because if he does, we are going to have a serious problem," he added.

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