Multiple-car crash leaves 11 wounded in the State of Mexico

A cargo vehicle impacted a passenger van and a car.

Two of the victims present brain and skull trauma. (Photo: @PCEYBA)
English 30/11/2015 23:46 Rebeca Jiménez Jacinto Atizapan, State of Mexico Actualizada 23:46
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At least 11 wounded, four of them in serious condition, are the result of a collision between a passenger van a two other vehicles in the Chamapa-Lechería highway in the State of Mexico.

According to the first reports, a cargo van collided against the passenger transport, sending it in a crash course against a private car.

The emergency services provided assistance to 11 passengers of the van, two of them with brain trauma and two others with severe fractures, before taking them to the hospital.

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