Six-false Federal Police officers arrested in Mexico

They were robbing freighters in the State of Puebla.

(Photo: Xinhua)
English 15/11/2015 19:20 Doris Gómora Mexico Actualizada 19:20
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Federal Police officers arrested four men and two women wearing counterfeit uniforms from that corporation, which they used to raid freighters in the state of Veracruz and its limits with Puebla.

Due to complaints of robberies by individuals who identified themselves as federal police officers, staff from the Division of Regional Security of the Federal Police located the area where they were operating and established patrols.

In a statement the Commission of National Security (CNS) stated that the federal officers stopped a pickup with six people with uniforms of the corporation on board, who showed them counterfeit police credentials.

After checking the vehicle, they found that it had a theft report and did not belong to any of the suspects, who were arrested and found in possession of three guns, six magazines, 61 cartridges of various calibers, and apocryphal documentation.

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