Two synthetic drug labs dismantled in Jalisco

The labs were found in the municipalities of Tecalitlán and Tuxpan.

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English 08/09/2015 16:23 Notimex Actualizada 16:25

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) dismantled two synthetic drug labs in the municipalities of Tecalitlán and Tuxpan, in the state of Jalisco.

The action was supported by personnel of the Mexican Army, the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and PGR experts in criminology, photography, chemistry, engineering and architecture.

In Tecatilán, 12 metal reactors, an electric generator, 10 pewter pots, three electric dryers, three gas cylinders, a gas tank, 12 burners, 18 metal barrels, a test tube, a thermometer, six gas masks, 31 plastic barrels, six sacks with caustic soda, two sacks sodium carbonate and one sack with sodium acetate were found.

In Tuxpan, 12 reactors, 15 gas tanks, 40 containers, and nine barrels were found.

The PGR also said that a total of 37,059 liters of a brown liquid, 1,000 liters of a colorless liquid and 1,680 liters of a greenish liquid, were also seized.

The seized material was made available to the Federal Public Ministry to continue with the investigation.