Guerrero's Attorney: Fifth bus was reported to the authorities

Attorney Miguel Ángel Godínez said that he sent a dossier with information about the vehicle to the IACHR.

English 07/09/2015 22:24 Juan Cervantes/Chilpancingo, Guerrero Actualizada 22:24
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The Attorney General of the State of Guerrero, Miguel Ángel Godínez Muñoz, informed that the agency presented a report on a fifth bus under control of the Ayotzinapa students that was supposedly loaded with drug money or transported a criminal group which operates in Iguala without their knowledge.

He expressed that the report was sent to the Office of the Attorney General and contained information about the vehicle from the Estrella Roja company, which was taken by the students on September 26, 2014, without them knowing that it was used by criminals to transport drugs and cash.

Godínez refused to provide further information on the investigations, claiming that they are conducted by the PGR. The report was presented to the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) of the IACHR, which scientifically demonstrated that the students were not incinerated in the garbage dump of the city of Cocula.

He also refused to give his opinion on the report unveiled by the GIEI, expressing that it is a very delicate matter.

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