Parents of the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa to meet President Peña Nieto next week

Today Morena legislators protested in Congress at the session to discuss the report presented by IACHR experts.

(Photo: Luis Cortés / EL UNIVERSAL)
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Members of Morena, the national regeneration movement founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, protested at Congress during the presentation of the IACHR report. They stood at the podium and held banners that read: “Fue El Estado” (it was the state) and also questioned that former Guerrero governor Ángel Aguirre has not been investigated.

Meanwhile, the parents of the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa will meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto this week, or the next at the latest, said Vidulfo Rosales, legal representative of the families of the victims.

He explained that they will request that the investigation of the case is restructured and that the report of the experts of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, some of which may attend the meeting, is included in the investigation. 


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