17 | OCT | 2019
Eugenio received the Tree of Life Honorary Award. (Photo: Armando Arorizo/EL UNIVERSAL)

Trump is a clown: Derbez

Los Angeles
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Actress Ofelia Medina led a collective raspberry for the tycoon at the FICG.

The attendees to the opening of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (IGCP) in Los Angeles responded with a resounding raspberry to the speeches of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was described by actor Eugenio Derbez as a "clown."

Veteran Mexican actress Ofelia Medina was able to get the audience and guests to mock Trump with a collective raspberry.

The action got the actress (Frida, Naturaleza Viva, 1983) a standing ovation when she reminded those present that California belonged to Mexico.

The actress was among the honorees with the honorary award Árbol de la Vida (Tree of Life) for their contributions to cinema.

Also were graced with this recognition were Spanish journalist Josep Parera, from L.A. newspaper La Opinion; Mexican artistic director Eugenio Caballero; the Latino Public Broadcasting Company and the family of actor Eugenio Derbez, who attended the ceremony accompanied by his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo.

On the red carpet at the entrance to the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Derbez said that Trump is "a person who is not in the best interest of the country. He is increasing hate and xenophobia".

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