23 | OCT | 2019
The documentary will include evidence of the alleged electoral fraud committed against Hipólito Mora. (Photo: Archive / EL UNIVERSAL)

Hipólito Mora will have a documentary

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"La Ley del Monte" was directed by Mario Mandujano.

Evidence of the alleged electoral fraud committed against Hipólito Mora, leader of the self-defense forces in Michoacán, will be shown in the documentary "La ley del monte", currently in post-production.

Directed by Mario Mandujano, the documentary will include incidents such as the slaughter of 50 lemon pickers and the arrival of the Knights Templar cartel with the mission of killing all the inhabitants of a town. 

"For me it is quite puzzling that a person convinces a state to take up arms and then is talked into returning to legality through politics," Mandujano explained.

Mandujano also produced the documentary "Personal dose" about drugs and two fiction films: "Depositarios" and "Tres piezas de amor en un fin de semana".


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