'Tuca' promises his best effort with 'El Tri'

Ricardo Ferretti begins his time with the Mexican soccer team.

He pointed out that he is an interim and will return to Tigres. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 24/08/2015 20:05 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 20:05
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Ricardo Ferretti promised to give his best to the Mexican national soccer team, as new interim coach.

'Tuca' made it clear that "I come not as the savior, I come as an interim coach," and stated that "the door of the team is open to all Mexican players".

Ferretti also said, "now I am able to give something to the team and I am very proud to be here."

The new coach of 'El Tri' added that "I didn't ask for anything, I come to offer my services and I think that the people who got me here today did it because I can deliver."

Ferretti mentioned that 23 players will be called for the two friendly matches against Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina.

"On Thursday the squad for these games will be presented, but any Mexican can be part of it," expressed 'Tuca'.

Ferretti stated that of the players who participated in the Copa America and Gold Cup will be in the group for those games.

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