Bachelet praised transparency in Mexico

She visited the national Congress.

Chile and Mexico are rebuilding the relationship between the government and the people. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 14/08/2015 14:59 Ariadna García Mexico City Actualizada 14:59

Latin-America is one of the most backward regions in terms of transparency according to the world ranking, and the authorities in Mexico and Chile have made great strides to be accountable to its citizens, expressed Chilean President Michel Bachelet.

During a solemn meeting in the Mexican Congress to receive the visiting head of state, Bachelet warned that the two nations are at a turning point for rebuilding the relationship between their citizens and public institutions.

"Mexico and Chile have to aim more for the transparency. There is a pending task for our societies and both Mexico and Chile are at a turning point for rebuilding the relationship between citizens and public institutions," she said.

The President of Chile praised the actions carried out by Mexico in the area of transparency. She pointed out at the transparency law, the creation of the related institute as well as the new general transparency act and the actions put in place to combat corruption.

"Chile shares with Mexico a fundamental belief: A democracy does not have the right to deny the visibility of their actions to its true sovereign and constituents," she stressed.

Bachelet added that progress in the culture of transparency is synonymous with perfect democracies and thereby with avoiding areas of opacity in the institutional process.