Benfica proud of inaugurating Rayados stadium

Rui Vitoria is proud to be opening the new Monterrey home stadium.

Benfica will face Rayados on Sunday. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 01/08/2015 18:03 Notimex Monterrey Actualizada 18:03
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Coach Rui Vitoria said that he is proud to have Benfica as a guest for the inauguration of the new Rayados Monterrey stadium and said that they are looking forward to the victory in the Eusebio Cup on Sunday.

“We are very proud to participate in this inauguration. Benfica is a world club and we will collaborate to have a great celebration in this inauguration," he said.

At the press conference before the game, Vitoria added that they are also very proud to be representing Eusebio, an important player who also worked with Monterrey.

“All the players appreciate the dimension of what Eusebio is, the importance of what he represents and the meaning of this celebration," he said.

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