Ingrid Coronado denies infidelity

Mexican magazine says that she was unfaithful to Fernando del Solar.

They confirmed their separation in May. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 07/07/2015 17:11 Newsroom / Mexico City Actualizada 17:34
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After the commotion caused by the separation of TV hosts Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar, rumour of infidelity shakes things even more.

According to "TV Notas" magazine, Coronado has had a romance for the last five months with Alfonso de Anda, host of the "Venga la alegría" TV show.

"TV Notas" reports this week that De Anda's wife, painter Lina Amashta, came to Mexico City from Miami in order to face Coronado.

Neither Coronado nor Del Solar had made any comments on the social networks, but De Anda wrote on Twitter that "If whispering the truth can mean justice for the weak, then slander can be nothing else than the revenge of the cowards."

Last May, after weeks of speculation, Del Solar confirmed his separation from Coronado.

He said that the situation they face for the cancer afflicting him ended up being too much for the couple.

Coronado, in an interview for the "Ventaneando" TV show, expressed that she wanted to be with her husband, but they decided that it would be best to be apart.

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