Concacaf regrets mistakes with Panama

Alfredo Hawit said that mistakes are made in soccer

English 25/07/2015 10:43 EFE Mexico City Actualizada 10:43
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The president of the North, Central-American and Caribbean Soccer Confederation (CONCACAF), Alfredo Hawit, regretted the referee mistakes in the match between Mexico and Panama in the Gold Cup, and said that they are "part of soccer."

"In CONCACAF we regret those circumstances, but we accept that these human mistakes are part of soccer," expressed Hawit in a press release.

Referee Mark Geiger, "one of the best in the region, with ample international experience and a renown career, accepted that there were mistakes during the game," expressed Hawit after a meeting between Concacaf and Geiger.

During the game, Mexico tied with Panamá in the last minute with a penalty shot that even the Mexican team admitted was unjustified, and then won by 2-1 in extra time, getting the pass to the finals.

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