Positive balance after the elections: Lorenzo Córdova

The incidents in some parts of the country were managed, he said.

Córdova reported that 148,347 polls were set in the whole country. (Photo: Yadín Xolalpa / EL UNIVERSAL)
English 07/06/2015 23:13 Actualizada 23:13
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The President Counselor of the National Elections Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, reported a "positive" balance after the closing of the voting polls in the country.

The first data began to be fed at 8:00, albeit it was announced that the Twitter account of the institute had been hacked and they were working to rescue it.

Córdova acknowledged the "incidents in some areas of the country that were properly taken care for".

He added that 148,347 booths were installed for this "under extreme surveillance" elections.

In addition, 742,000 citizens were in charge of the polls and 12,519 acted as observers.

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