Elections continue in Tixtla: Reyes Reyes

The president of the electoral authorities of Guerrero said that they will be considered invalidated only by the electoral tribunal.

4,355 booths have been installed, and that represents 92% of the total. (Photo: Reuters)
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Maricela Reyes Reyes, president of the Electoral Participation Institute of Guerrero (IEPC), said that the local electoral authority cannot decide on the invalidity of the elections in Tixtla, and that will be determined at the end of the process by the Electoral Tribunal.

She added that the elections are still ongoing in Tixtla and called the population to vote, because they have until 6:00 p.m. to do so.

"In regard of Tixtla, we have 22 booths (not installed out of a total of 50), and people asked me what was that the law said about the nullification of the election: I said that the law establishes the nullification of the election when 20% of the booths are not installed,".

The secretary-general of the IEPC, Pedro Pablo Martínez, he announced that up to 2:00 p.m. 4,355 booths have been installed, and that represents 92% of the total.

Previously, Reyes Reyes announced the annulment of the municipal election in Tixtla after activists stole 28 of the 54 voting booths that should have been installed. Tixtla is the seat of the teachers training school of Ayotzinapa, where the 43 students missing since September last year studied in the Ayotzinapa teachers school.

"It is very unfortunate; we have no certainty that the citizens of Tixtla actually decided not to vote," Reyes said.

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