We are creating paradigms: EPN

The nation's society and government are working together in the process, according to Peña Nieto.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the society and the government are working together. (Photo: Lucia Godinez / EL UNIVERSAL)
English 23/06/2015 18:04 Francisco Reséndiz y Ariadna García Actualizada 18:04
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During the opening this evening of the national Transparency System Council, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the openness promoted in public administration is serious, profound and whole.

"We are opening doors and windows so that Mexican society gets to know better how and where are being invested the resources from the Mexicans," expressed Peña Nieto, adding that the state and society are working together.

"Taking on new roads, establishing parameters, limits, controls, and pushing for openness and transparency, we are creating new paradigms," expressed the President.

"And most importantly, the Mexican state and society are not doing it alone. They are accompanied by the active participation of civilian society. All of us are truly taming and leading our nation towards this great human condition which has been evolving and today is adopting the signs and parameters of change which are happening in the world order," he added.

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