Dissident teachers demand access for their positions in Televisa

The CNTE is demanding to be able to air their opposition to the national tests for educators.

The CNTE warns that it is ready to set a wave of protests in order to get their demands heard. (Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes)
English 13/06/2015 15:40 Natalia Gómez Quintero Actualizada 15:40

The National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) demanded media giant Televisa to give them room in order to present their political positioning and warned of a wave of demonstrations against the official tests for teachers.

The CNTE is holding a rally in front of the offices of the media networks on central Avenida Chapultepec, and they warned that they will not move until the doors are opened in order to make public a document drawn up yesterday by the National Representative Assembly (NRA) of the union.

Yesterday evening, the CNTE cited on an urgent basis to the media in the facilities of section 9, to read a pronouncement by the NRA.

"We will continue with our resistance and reorganization, in the framework of the peaceful civil disobedience," they said.

They made it clear that their struggle are not subject to negotiation and will attend to the negotiating table when things go in the right direction and not by a conditioning of the Ministry of the Interior.