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Pronostican tormenta invernal "siberiana" en amplias zonas de Estados Unidos
Gran parte del centro-norte de Estados Unidos se encontraba el martes cubierto de nieve y con bajas temperaturas gélidas debido a una intensa tormenta invernal
“Lorena” forecast to become category 1 hurricane again
The system generates isolated torrential rainfall, winds of over 70 kph and waves of 3-5 m in the West and South coasts of Mexico
Hurricane forecast on the Gulf of Mexico this Friday
Tropical Storm Barry, which could become a Category 1 hurricane, is forecast to make landfall in the mouth of the Mississippi River by late Friday or early Saturday
Hailstorms strikes Mexico
The city was also struck by floods and affected by fallen trees and cars covered in ice
Hermosillo: Hottest city in the world
CONAGUA’s Northwestern Basin Organization reported temperatures of 48°C on Tuesday
Cold wave strikes Mexico
Temperatures are expected to plunge to -16°C in northern Mexico, according to experts
Tropical storm Rosa hits Baja California
The tropical storm Rosa hit land at approximately 04:30 hours this morning in Baja California
Mexico City now has real-time rain alert
The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has placed 47 rain measurement stations in Mexico City
What to do in case of a hurricane?
Take a look at the following recommendations, issued by Mexican authorities, on what to do in case of a hurricane
“Bud” once more a category 3 hurricane
After reaching the category 4 early this morning, Mexico's National Meteorological Service has recently announced “Bud” is once more a category 3 hurricane