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Mexico demands information on the infamous “Fast and Furious” operation
Mexican drug cartels have massacred people using these U.S. weapons 
Mexico steps up military weapons purchases
According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the arms race in Mexico started by former president Felipe Calderón is still ongoing
Authorities seize a large arsenal and cocaine in Mexico City
According to reports, the weapons and drugs belong to the Sinaloa Cartel
Mexico and the U.S. agree on plan against drug and arms trafficking
U.S. Attorney General William Barr and top Mexican officials also addressed the arrest of Genaro García Luna
Mexico to buy MXN $228 million in weapons
Mexico’s government will purchase handguns and long weapons, as well as ammunition and accessories to equip state and municipal police forces in the country
Authorities raided a building located in Mexico City's most dangerous neighborhood
Trump agrees to curb arms trafficking from the U.S. into Mexico
The call was made after gunmen used powerful and advanced weapons to fight the Mexican army
New southern routes for arms trafficking in Mexico
Due to increasing surveillance measures in the Mexico-U.S. border, new routes for arms smuggling have found their way to Mexico from the southern border with Guatemala and Belize, all the way from Nicaragua
Arms Trafficking: from Nicaragua to Mexico City
EL UNIVERSAL talked to an arms smuggler who revealed alarming information
Arms trafficking on the rise in Mexico’s northern border
At least 80% of firearms in Mexico enter through the northern border and over 50% come from the U.S.; Texas and California are the main exporters