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The environmental impact of the Maya civilization
Due to the agricultural systems they used, the Maya could have had a direct impact in the emission greenhouse gases into the air
Mexican students generate energy with recycled water
According to INEGI, approximately 21.2 million homes in Mexico receive water daily, and around 1 million only receive it once a week. The lack of water faces several problems such as the overexploitation of aquifers, distribution networks, and pollution
Aguas frescas, traditional Mexican beverages
These non-alcoholic fresh beverages are made with tropical fruits, seeds, flowers, grains, and leaves
Cutzamala system affected by drought
The dams of the Cutzamala System have registered a water supply reduction of 25%, affecting the service to Mexico City and the State of Mexico
Mexican artist helps migrants through art
Alfredo Gutiérrez wants migrants to know that they are not alone
The health benefits of tomato
Lycopene is the substance responsible for many of the health benefits of tomato
The turmoil behind the thermoelectric plant in Morelos
The project dates back to 2011 when Felipe Calderón was President and during Peña Nieto's presidency, it was announced that the plan would continue but it was never implemented
Thermoelectric plant sparks off a conflict
This time, there are many reasons to assert that in order for the thermoelectric plant to operate, something besides a referendum or the offering of social benefits is needed
Mexican archeologists discover snails from the Pleistocene
The research project was developed by San Luis Potosí's Autonomous University (UASLP), in collaboration with the INAH's Archeology Council
Mexican scientists fight gastroenteritis
The procedure is carried out through viral indicators in the aquifer of the Yucatán Peninsula and could have important applications in the hotel industry