Mexican politicians linked to La Luz Del Mundo church leader
The church leader is accused of rape, human trafficking, and sexual abuse in the U.S.
Children from the ABC daycare deserve justice
Those responsible for the tragedy have to pay for their crimes, no matter who they are
Four children are murdered every day in Mexico
In the 2019 edition of the Save the Children report, Mexico fell three places in the world ranking
Child sexual abuse cases up 39% in Mexico
The State of Mexico showed the highest number of child sexual abuse cases (701) in 2018
Mexican children face a grim future
There are thousands of children who are experiencing insecurity, sexual abuse or are the victims of human trafficking
Mexican children are in danger
Some drug cartels manipulate minors, using them to sell drugs or as watchmen, in charge of reporting the presence of soldiers, police officers, or strangers
Mexico is deporting more migrant children than ever
The Mexican government has deported children from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Eritrea, Côte d'Ivoire, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Romania, Iran, and Ghana
“The meeting is a major step toward drafting the Global Compact for Migration, a landmark intergovernmental agreement that will cover all dimensions of international migration”
The Network for Children's Rights in Mexico (REDIM) reported that 2016 was the year in which more children and teenagers disappeared in the last 17 years
“Far too often, children are held in detention centres, separated from family members, deprived of education, forced to work in hazardous jobs, married off as children or pushed into the arms of smugglers or traffickers”