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The untapped potential of Mexico’s chocolate industry
According to ASCHOCO, Mexico’s chocolate market is valued at USD$1.34 billion
3 out of 10 marriages in Mexico end in divorce
While the number of marriages has shown a decline, divorces have become more and more common
There is a museum where items of lost love tell stories of broken hearts
Although mostly devoted to lamenting lost love, the museum also makes space for the disappointment of feeling abandoned or betrayed by one’s homeland
From Mexico with love
If you want to show your love and affection, forget about chocolates, sweets, and fancy dinners!
Chocolate: Most popular Valentine's present in Mexico
According to ASCHOCO, 32% of Mexicans receive chocolates during St. Valentine’s Day
How much will Mexicans spend on Valentine's Day?
38% of lovers plan to gift their partner an electronic gadget
The capital’s main square now features the installation “Different Forms of Love in Mexico City”
Here you can find roses, tulips, orchids, and hundreds of other flowers at great prices
Elvis can officiate your wedding!
If you want to spend Valentine's Day in the most romantic and unique way, we have the best option for you
Who was St. Valentine?
Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers!