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Asiste al festival gastronómico de Los Hijos del Maíz
El evento contará con expertos que hablarán sobre la importancia del maíz
Investigadores del IPN crean tortilla de cebada
El IPN creó un alimento ideal para personas con diabetes, sobrepeso, obesidad y problemas gastrointestinales
The Mexican restaurant in the heart of Kenya
15,000 kilometers away from Mexico, in Kenya, there is a traditional Mexican restaurant owned by a Kenyan woman and an Indian immigrant
The many health benefits of tortillas
Tortillas have several nutrition benefits, they have no fat, and have very few calories, among many other benefits
como saber tortilla buena calidad
Conoce la manera de identificar la buena calidad de una tortilla, alimento popular dentro de la cocina mexicana
From Mexico with love
If you want to show your love and affection, forget about chocolates, sweets, and fancy dinners!
Mexican scientists fight obesity with barley tortillas
Barley has vitamins such as folic acid and choline, vitamin K, and it's also a good source of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus
Chilaquiles, Mexico's favorite breakfast dish
Nothing compares to a delicious plate of chilaquiles for breakfast or lunch, one of the most popular dishes in Mexico
Rescuing native maize
There's no Mexican neighborhood without a “tortillería”, that “corn temple” where families buy their fresh tortillas