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Mexico conquers Frontenis World Cup
The X Frontenis World Cup was held in Tenerife, Spain last week
Val’Quirico, a medieval town in Mexico
This town will transport you to medieval times with its architecture based on Tuscany and Segovia
The hidden splendor of Mayan city X’baatún
Located in the southeastern Mexican state of Yucatán, X’baatún zealously guards a 37-meter-high pyramid, a ball game, a cenote and several structures
Aguas frescas, traditional Mexican beverages
These non-alcoholic fresh beverages are made with tropical fruits, seeds, flowers, grains, and leaves
Formula 1 sets the date for Mexican Grand Prix
Vietnam and the Netherlands have been incorporated to the 2020 World Championship
Alonso Ancira rejects his extradition to Mexico
Now, the Criminal Chamber will study Mexico’s extradition request and will hold a visit to analyze if the necessary requirements are met
Our Lady of Guadalupe around the world
The worship of Our Lady of Guadalupe is part of the Mexican identity, but it is not limited to our borders
Extradition of Alonso Ancira endorsed by Spain
The audience in accordance with the article 12 of the Passive Extradition Act will be held on July 30th
Alonso Ancira to be released from prison after paying €1 million bail
Alonso Ancira is linked to an alleged corruption case involving Emilio Lozoya and Odebrecht
Mexican woman is accused of terrorism in Spain
The woman is being accused of being a member of Jihad