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Recession confirmed: Mexican economy shrank in 2019
Mexico’s economy was weaker than initially estimated in the final three months of 2019, shrinking by 0.1% compared to the previous quarter, prolonging a mild recession
Mexican economy: declining exports and stagnation
In the last year, Mexican exports have decreased and the country has faced a slow economic growth
Will Mexico increase its external debt?
In the face of economic contraction, is this the only option left?
How will Mexico overcome a mild recession?
Debating whether Mexico succumbed to a mild recession or economic stagnation in 2019 is useless
Mexico entered a mild recession in 2019
The numbers contrast with López Obrador's presidential campaign
President López Obrador delivers first state of the union address
López Obrador has acknowledged his government must do more to improve security
Mexican economy narrowly avoids recession
Gross domestic product grew by 0.1%
Mexican Ministry of Finance to implement stimulus package
Amid discussions of a possible recession in the country, the Mexican Ministry of Finance will deploy MXN $485 billion to impulse the economy
Mild recession coming: Banxico
Due to difficulties like an expensive USD, threats on tariffs, pressure on lowering the price of food and energetics, the increase of unemployment, and other factors, Banxico alerts of a possible mild recession
"We have estimated that if NAFTA were eliminated in its totality the GDP fall could be around 2.7 percent," said U.N. executive secretary Alicia Barcena.