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Albania and North Macedonia, new milestones in EU/NATO expansion to the East
Brussels decided to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, in a move that will increase Western influence in the Balkan region
Causes of Puebla helicopter crash revealed by Mexican government
The crash killed Puebla's governor Martha Erika Alonso, her husband Rafael Moreno Valle, and three other people last December 24
Future of Constellation brewery in Mexico to be decided via referendum
Mexico’s President said his government would ask the public whether to let the U.S. company Constellation Brand Inc. open a massive brewery in Mexicali
Electoral fraud in the Dominican Republic triggers widespread protests
A popular movement has taken the streets in the Dominican Republic after the municipal elections were suspended amid accusations of fraud, vote-buying, & manipulation of public resources
Mexican legislators can be reelected
A reform to allow reelection was approved in 2014
Our day has come: Sinn Féin’s victory marks a new age in Irish politics
Left-wing Sinn Féin’s first electoral victory will have an increased influence both on Ireland as in the upcoming negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom
Nayib Bukele shows his messianic face threatening El Salvador’s Congress
On Sunday, Bukele surprised El Salvador and the international community by surrounding the Legislative Assembly in central San Salvador with thousands of followers, police, and army snipers
Gender violence, violent protests, and political groups paralyze UNAM
Protests at the National Autonomous University of Mexico began four months ago as a fight against gender violence and have caused strikes at 23 schools and faculties
Is there a hidden agenda behind the protests at Mexico’s most prestigious university?
The protests started when women demanded the eradication of sexual harassment inside the campus
Trump impeachment: The trial begins in U.S. Senate as battle lines form
U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial began on Tuesday in a rare use of the constitutional mechanism for ousting a president that has further polarized voters ahead of a November election