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Over 500 women protest after two minors were raped in Mexico City
At least four women, including 2 minors, were raped in recent days
Lynchings on the rise
One of the factors behind lynchings is the lack of legitimacy of the security forces
Mexican student is racially attacked in Ireland
In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the young man explains that these racist attacks are common in Ireland
Mexico City faces violence and crime
On Monday, Mexico City's Attorney General acknowledged the existence of a violence crisis
Mexico City: Police officers work for the cartels
Criminals pay officers up to MXN $20,000 per month to join their ranks, more than the average police officer salary
Extortion is on the rise
Through this method, the criminal doesn't need to attack its victim, they use intimidation methods to obtain money, which often becomes a monthly extortion
Luxury cars owned by criminals are turned into police cars
The local government announced the seized vehicles will be used by police officers throughout the state
Mexico to deploy 10,200 officers to the most dangerous cities
Violence has spiraled over the last decade amid a military-led war on drug trafficking
The issues inside the police
None of the 32 states grant police officers 100% of the six basic work benefits
Police incompetence
This Sunday, images were shared online, where Mexico City's police officers are seen involved in abuse against the alleged inhabitants of San Juan Ixhuatepec