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Protecting Mexican sacred lands: Canadian gas pipeline to be rerouted
Mexico’s President said that he will ask for a Canada’s TC Energy Corp's natural gas pipeline to be rerouted so it does not cut across lands considered sacred by indigenous communities in Puebla
Investments in Mexico’s mining industry slow down
The pace of investments in Mexico’s mining industry is expected to slow this year to its lowest since 2016; greater policy certainty is needed to attract more investments
Blockade lifted at Peñasquito gold mine
Peñasquito mine, one of Newmont Goldcorp’s largest, has suffered on and off blockades in recent years, most recently linked to truckers and claims its operations have affected local water supplies
Mexico to have first underground lab in Latin America
LABChico will be built 100 meters deep in “La Guadalupe” mine in Mineral del Chico and it will be focused on the measurement of natural radioactivity
Mining firm Silver Bull stops operations at Sierra Mojada project
The Canadian firm has been on an ongoing legal battle with a cooperative of local miners
AMLO urges involved parties to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict
Operations at Peñasquito gold mine have been intermittent since March 2019
Negotiations to restart at Peñasquito mine if blockade lifted
After Zacatecas governor Alejandro Tello went to Peñasquito mine to negotiate its opening, settlers of Mazapil pointed out that the alleged lifting of the blockade was staged, for CAVA carriers had no intention of liberating the mine
Newmont Goldcorp fails to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict
The mining company offered USD $25 million in community investments and land rental fees to resolve the conflict that started last weekend in Zacatecas
The secret pre-Hispanic mine in Taxco
The Chontal hid this mine from the Spanish; it was discovered in 2013
Newmont Goldcorp resumes operations at Peñasquito gold mine in Mexico
The temporary shutdown had worried some analysts on the expected impact on 2019 production