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President López Obrador pushes for labor reform after warning from Nancy Pelosi
López Obrador, who met with U.S. lawmakers this week, said he did not want there to be any motive for the United States to reopen negotiations
Migration: Mexico won't use violence
After the Second World War, when both countries reached an agreement for Mexicans to work the fields in the U.S. from 1942 to 1965
Chicano art in Mexico City
The exhibition contains pieces from the most important Chicano artists in history
NAFTA: A lesson learned?
Although Mexico is the country with the most trade agreements in the world, its economy depends on the US
Mexico and the US will fight drug cartels together
The joint effort comes as a surprise since the relationship has been rocky since Donald Trump became President
Trump vs the most vulnerable
Through fear and division, the U.S. Government attempts to stop the migration flow into their country
Mexican Chancellor urges the U.S. to reconsider migrant children separation policy
The Mexican government condemns the separation of children from immigrant parents at the border, calling it “cruel and inhumane”; urges the U.S. to reconsider the practice
Cooperating beyond Trump
The only way to overcome division is through political will, social and economic integration, dialogue, and deliberation between nations
Dignity before the United States
In this new dynamic with the United States, Mexico has to keep its dignity at the forefront and strive to resolve matters in the best way possible
Yucatán strengthens bilateral ties with California
Governors Rolando Zapata and Jerry Brown reach agreements to tackle climate change and preserve tropical forests