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Also, Lenten operation has started to monitor the unjustified increases in the prices of fish and shellfish, products of high consumption during vigil
Despite travel advisories issued by both U.S. and the U.K. and the earthquakes that hit the country in September
Each piece of Mexico's popular bread already reaches MXN$ 5, according to the Federal Attorney's Office of Consumer (Profeco)
ProMéxico forecasts a great opportunity for Mexican companies in Arab markets, thus it actively promotes project exportation
Prices for drugs are rising faster than inflation year after year, and this year is no exception
Lack of financial planning, and spending more than you can afford are the main reasons for this year's lengthy period of financial stringency
Most of them presented a MXN$ 5 price increase
The record is attributed to domestic demand dynamism and the confidence in the future financial situation
The National Alliance of Small Businesses (Anpec), disclosed that soft drinks, bread, dairy products, cigarettes, and other products presented a price increase attributed to higher costs in the supply chain for different businesses
Driven by the increase in the price of goods and services such as tomatoes, air transport, low octane gasoline, and domestic LP gas