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Day of the Dead Barbie doll is here!
This is not the first time Barbie pays homage to Mexico
What is cultural appropriation and why is it unethical
2 cultural appropriation cases sparked controversy in Mexico: Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton
Acitrón, a key ingredient for Mexican cuisine is now endangered
Acitrón is essential for both savory and sweet dishes, including tamales and chiles en nogada
Xoximilco Cancún, the best Mexican floating fiesta
Summer has arrived! If you want a colorful night experience of Mexican culture, customs, traditions, music, food, and drinks, make sure to visit Xoximilco Cancún!
Mexico hosts the largest tequila tasting in the world
The tasting was guided by expert Jaime Villalobos Díaz, who explained how to evaluate tequila through the senses
Mexico is the only city in the world where these figures are dressed up as saints, doctors, football players, firefighters, among other characters
The world's biggest 3 Kings Cake
The previous record holder was Switzerland, with a Rosca that measured 973.24 meters long
Christmas punch is a traditional beverage but it's also an ally against colds as it has a high vitamins A, B, and C content
Artisans and florists created these beautiful piñatas
Mexican artisans keep art and traditions alive
18 artisans were awarded this prize, that looks to acknowledge the talent, sensibility, and creativity of Mexican artisans