The head of J alisco's Tourism Ministry, Germán Ralis Cumplido , announced that the state was looking to break the Guinness World Record by hosting the largest tequila tasting in the world , with the participation of 1,200 people.

He said that the local Tourism Ministry , along with the Guadalajara city council , and the National Tequila Industry Chamber (CNIT) , were collaborating to position Jalisco as a touristic hub.

The minister explained that the state sent a message that “big things happen, as well as memorable events, that we provide unique experiences , such as the l argest tequila tasting in the world , which will take place in the heart of Guadalajara .”


needed at least 1,200 tequila lovers to break the Guinness World Record and it did achieve it!

The tequila tasting was guided by tequila expert Jaime Villalobos Díaz , who explained how to evaluate tequila through the senses.

The expert said that this massive tasting will promote “our iconic beverage through differentiating experiences that attract local, national and international tourists , and that help to generate an innovative perception of tequila .”

He emphasized that tequila is a “ versatile beverage of great quality , which offers five classes and two categories to whom tastes it; through the tasting , we will have the chance to appreciate the characteristics of tequila and learn a little more about out beverage .”

Tequila is the most consumed spirit drink in our country and thanks to its constant growth, it takes a little bit of Mexico to over 120 countries , where more and more people recognize its benefits and quality ,” he said.

He also explained that the Guinness World Record belonged to a company in Toronto , which hosted a tequila tasting in 2013, with 864 people in attendance but now, Jalisco holds the title.


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