is surrounded by natural landscapes of the Mayan jungle . Mangroves , inlets , chinampas and the night sky , in addition to pre-Hispanic and colonial architecture , will amaze your eyes.

Located in the state of Quintana Roo , at the theme park Xoximilco Cancún you can experience Mexican culture , customs , and traditions surrounded by music , dance , food , and game s, while floating in colorful “ trajineras ,” which somewhat resemble gondolas, allusive of each Mexican state.


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The inspiration

Full of legends and flavors , Xochimilco , the inspiration for the park, is an oasis in Mexico City . It is an ancient place characterized by its rain canals , from when the Valley of Mexico was surrounded by lakes and lagoons .

On December 11th, 1987 , Xochimilco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO .

Xochimilco means “field of flowers ,” and a big part of its nature still prevails, along with all its cultural elements from pre-Hispanic origin: farming is done in chinampas , and farmers use the canals for transportation, the locals are very involved in the production of ornamental plants and landscaping .

Xoximilco Cancún wants to make a tribute to the tradition, beauty, and history of Xochimilco through a colorful and joyful celebration of Mexican culture.


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The experience

Depending on the type of party you want to have, you will be joined by others who are in the same mood so that everyone has the kind of fun they are looking for. You can go with your family , your friends , your couple, or even by yourself and be sure that you will have an excellent time.

Before boarding the “trajinera,” you will enjoy a traditional Mexican carnival with games like foosball, marbles, and dart throwing, as well as music to get you in the party night mood .

Once in the “trajinera”, which holds up to 20 passengers, live music will accompany you all night with a great variety of genres, like norteño, ranchero, marimba, trio, boleros , and of course, the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO: Mariachi!

During the trip, which lasts for approximately 3 hours , a very friendly and funny host will make sure you enjoy every moment; he will teach you dance steps and Mexico's most emblematic songs while showing you the park's amazing landscapes.


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You will also have an incredible culinary experience tasting representative meals of Mexican cuisine . The menu includes appetizers , seven different flavors of the Mexican cuisine, and nine desserts.

Some of the delicious meals you will enjoy on the tour are vallarta ceviche, guacamole, pico de gallo, chicharrón, quesadillas, mole enchilada, cochinita pibil, tamarind shrimp, milk caramel, amaranth sweet, and Oaxaca milled chocolate.


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There is a special menu designed for kids , as well as a vegetarian menu which must be requested in advance.

Xoximilco Cancún also holds special events like Mexico’s Independence Day and New Year ; they even host weddings, and guarantee a Mexican party full of style, happiness, folklore, and tradition. Also, if you visit the park on Tuesday or Friday , you will enjoy a 90s themed party .


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Cost and schedule

The entrance to the park costs MXN $1949.80 for adults, and MXN $974.80 for children.

From September to March the park is open from 7:15 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. From April to August it is open from 7:45 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.


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If you plan to visit this amazing park, make sure to wear long trousers, closed shoes, and to use biodegradable insect repellent . Xoximilco is in the middle of the jungle, so there are plenty of mosquitoes and other insects .

Xoximilco Cancún is located on the Cancún Chetumal highway , 5 minutes from Cancún International Airport . You can get there by car, taxi, or by purchasing the Xoximilco tour which includes roundtrip transportation from your hotel for MXN $351 per person.


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