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U.S. arrests two suspects linked to the LeBarón massacre
In early November, suspected drug cartel gunmen shot dead nine victims of the LeBarón family in a daytime attack as they were traveling by car in the northern state of Sonora
LeBarón massacre: three more suspects arrested
The suspects are alleged members of the criminal group La Línea, the armed branch of the Juárez Cartel
LeBarón massacre: Chihuahua's Head of Public Security arrested
The current head of Public Security in Janos, Chihuahua, Fidel Alejandro Villegas Villegas, was arrested for alleged links to organized crime and for his probable participation in the attack against the LeBarón family
From immigration to the U.S. elections, issues in the spotlight in 2020
As the year ends, this Op-Ed reviews big issues regarding Mexico-United States relations from immigration, drug trafficking, and trade to the race for the White House
4 suspects arrested in connection with the LeBarón massacre
The LeBarón family is set to meet with President López Obrador tomorrow
Mexico rejects Trump's plan against drug cartels
Trump might echo his divisive and threatening rhetoric in the run for the 2020 presidential election
Are drug cartels terrorist organizations?
Since the U.S. is one of the biggest markets for drug traffickers, cartels are at war to control the trade
The LeBarón family received threats from drug cartels
Activist Julián LeBarón accused authorities of being colluded with organized crime by asserting that the gunmen responsible for the massacre against members of his community round La Morita with no fear
Mexican authorities made arrests in connection with the LeBarón case
Mexican authorities and the FBI are collaborating in the investigation