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EL UNIVERSAL: Credibility in the time of fake news
For 103 years, EL UNIVERSAL has informed Mexican society about key events
In defense of Mexican journalists
For 103 years, EL UNIVERSAL has consolidated as Mexico's leading newspaper
Mexican photojournalist portrays immigration in France
Mexican Guillermo Arias will exhibit his photo-reportage “The caravan” that documents the journey of Central American migrants
Social media: technopolitics, fake news, and freedom of speech
In Mexico, 99 out of 100 people with internet access have a Facebook account
Michael Ondaatje in Mexico
The event celebrates literature, ideas, and reflections and will offer over 90 activities
Lydia Cacho, the journalist fighting child abuse and human trafficking
Mexico's government publicly apologized to journalist and activist Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, who was criminalized for exercising her right to freedom of speech
Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui returns to radio
After more than 3 years of absence, journalist Carmen Aristegui has announced her return to the national radio
Griselda Triana remarked the impunity lived in the country
A month after the death of the journalist, the embassy posted the image of Valdez with a black ribbon in sign of mourning
Deputies from the Legislative Assembly propose to consider journalism as a high-risk profession