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Unemployment rate affects highly educated Mexicans
The unemployed population in Mexico ascended to 2 million in the second trimester of the year, the highest level since the third semester of 2016
Highly educated Mexicans face harsh unemployment rate
In 2019, the number of unemployed people increased to 2 million people
Mexico to invest MXN $90 million and create 60,000 jobs in Central America
López Obrador emphasized that Mexico would assist Honduran coffee farmers
Mexico presents a development plan for Central America that could reduce migration
López Obrador said he will seek a pact with the U.S., Canada and other nations in support of a development plan for Central America
Factories in Matamoros losing USD $50 million a day amid strikes
The strikes have affected 45 factories since they began on Friday, said Luis Aguirre, president of a national board representing exporting manufacturers
High unemployment levels among educated women
Unemployment and lack of opportunities affects all but especially educated women
President López Obrador decrees tax cuts for northern states
The decree seeks to give an edge to northern Mexican businesses, which compete with U.S.-based companies across the border
Mexico expects job growth in 2019
According to a survey, 14% of contractors are expected to increase their workforce in early 2019
Nestlé to invest USD $154 million in Mexico
During a private meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Nestlé México announced the investment of USD $154 million in the creation of a coffee production center in Veracruz
4 out of 10 young people in Mexico living in poverty: Coneval
54.1% of young people living in poverty have a job while 41.5% were non-economically active